Out of Orbit – Dive into the story

immersive game room

The Out of Orbit game room is like walking in to a movie scene. The space shuttle is carefully crafted and detailed. Players control the ship in space through a computer simulation. Interactive lights and surround sounds create a tangible experience.

Out of Orbit is a group game for 4-6 people, where your team flies through space and strives to cope with its challenges. Out of Orbit is neither an escape room game nor a video game, but it does contain indications of both.

Out of Orbit:

A mysterious distress call interrupts your expedition in the asteroid belt. What happened to the sender of the message? Are you in danger?

In the game, you can fly a spacecraft with a digital simulation and solve puzzles together with your team. This is not a traditional escape room where you're trying to figure out the right way forward. There are several alternative ways forward in the game and you decide what you want to implement. Every decision leads to new interesting situations!
The game is for groups of 4-6 people, such as groups of friends, families, bachelor parties and work groups. We do not recommend the game to children under the age of 10. If the group of players is under the age of 15, the group must have a familiar supervisor in the room.
Players do not need to know anything before entering the game. Before the game starts, we'll tell you how to use the spacecraft's different systems and learning them properly is part of the game. The most important thing for the game is not that you know how to, but that you dare to try!
The game and customer service are available in both Finnish and English! You can make a choice when booking a game.
The game lasts one and a half (1.5) hours. The first half hour is preparation, learning systems and dressing. Then you go to the spaceship... The game and its preparations take about 1 hour 45 minutes in their entirety. Preparation includes briefing related to the game's practices and spacecraft control. The total duration of a booking is two (2) hours.

Arrive in the lobby of Hotel Rantapuisto on time (address Furuborginkatu 3, 00980 Helsinki). You can leave your car in the hotel parking lot.
Wait for our instructor at the front desk. The game director will be picking up the game mode at the beginning of the shift.




If you pay for the game on site, you can make a payment to the instructor in game mode before the game starts. The payment method is card payments (not American Express) and smartum and Edenred mobile and banknote payments. Cash instructors don't receive. Cash payments can be made at the reception in the lobby, but not when combined with cultural benefits. 



The game can be started no more than 20 minutes late. Playing time may be reduced slightly in this situation. The notification of the delay must be made as early as possible to the direct number of the instructors, which will be delivered to the players by email before the game. Lateness of more than 30 minutes causes the game to be cancelled, for which the price of the game is charged.