Gift card: 50€


A space adventure is an excellent, intangible gift!

With gift cards of different sizes, you can enable adventure on the edge of the solar system for either one person or give the experience as a gift to the whole group.

With this gift card you can pay a single share of the game. Learn more about using gift cards in product descriptions.

You can buy a gift card for one or more people and choose the time of delivery separately. You pay for the gift card now – the gift will be delivered by email at the selected time. 

The recipient receives an email with a code that is used as a means of payment in the online store or when paying for the order on site.

NOTE: A gift card is created only after the order has been paid for. If you book a game to pay for on-site on the same order, you will also pay for the gift card only on site. If you want to use different payment methods, place separate orders for the game and gift card.

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4-6 people can participate in the game. Gift cards under €200 cover only part of the game price, and the codes are available as a part payment. Use of gift cards: 50€ - Single participation in the game €100 - Double participation in the game €150 - Three-person participation in the game 200€ - Four-person game 230€ - Five-six person game The Out of Orbit gift card is a payment method in the game's online store. The gift card can also be combined with other payment methods at the checkout of the online store.